Aug 17

Aldnoah Zero Episode 07

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah Zero - 07 [9FA35A09].mkv_snapshot_21.54_[2014.08.17_09.27.40]We Macross now.


Japanese episode title: Their Fateful Meeting

Joint with Vivid.

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14 Responses to Aldnoah Zero Episode 07

  1. Marek says:

    Somehow I get the feeling that “Mustang 11 here!” was slightly wrong. Since her callsign has so far been Mustang Leader, I’d assume she was addressing Inko in this case, followed by the command to move out as well in the next line.

  2. AlexSteiner says:

    Around 18:40 I feel like it should mean a Stall rather than a Stall. You can see him deploy the landing gear as something of an aerobrake just before the event.

    I don’t speak Japanese, so maybe they specifically mean an engine stall in the script, but I think it’s worth a second look.

    (Thanks again for these releases, they’re excellent)

  3. Knight Owl says:

    I don’t know where you guys got the lyrics for the ED song, but I am pretty sure you need to find a new source. I can’t judge the Japanese bits, and the English bits sound right enough that I’ll refrain, but I can guarantee you that the German bits are… well, just plain *wrong*.

    In particular, the line “Leben sie tut weil Haus und der Mann will” is meaningless gibberish. I realize that the lyrics were written by a Japanese person whose command of German may be less than perfect, but seriously, even Google Translate could not produce such a crappy, ludicrous German sentence. Your English translation of it, “She lives because house and man want,” is reasonably accurate (although it treats “Leben” as though it’s a verb, which it can’t be since here the verb is “tut”) — but that translation is meaningless gibberish, which is precisely my point.

    I found a website ( that lists some different lyrics than what you have used, and while I am not sure their lines are 100% accurate either, I can say that at the very least, the German bits make a hell of a lot more sense. That line I referenced above, they give: “Leben, willst du mal raus und gerne wieder,” which would translate roughly as, “Life – do you want to get out and be happy again?”

    Without seeing the official lyrics, I have no idea which is really the correct line. But one makes sense and the other simply doesn’t, so… make of that what you will.

    • Yune says:

      These should be the lyrics

      kimetsuke bakari unubore wo kiita
      chiipu na hokori de oto aragetemo
      tana ni kakushita aware na
      haji ni nureta kagami no naka

      tsugou na kizu dake hikarakashite
      tegaru na tsuyosa de kachitoosu sube o
      dore dake toidemo ki wa yatsureru
      buratsuita ashi satori da

      I say crier! I say liar! I say rising heaven!
      aishiteru mugensekai no daikirokusei
      WAR… I hate WAR… I hate WAR…

      Ich will nur noch fragen “Was ist das?”
      Leben, was ist das? Sieht nach Nichtstun aus.
      Leben, willst du mal raus und gerne wieder.
      Leben, was ist das? Sieht nacht Nichtstun aus.

      • Knight Owl says:

        Those are the lyrics I found too, and they seem more likely than the ones Vivid-Watashi have used thus far — but they too contain errors.

        For a trivial example, the second repetition of the line that begins with “Leben, was ist das?” misspells “nach” as “nacht.” It’s a minor error, but it’s proof that these lyrics are not 100% accurate.

        Less trivially, I am pretty sure that Mizuki is *not* saying “I say rising heaven,” nor does it sound like she’s saying “I hate war.”

        And most importantly, these lyrics omit the last line(s) heard in the TV-size version, which sound like they end with “…seinen Augen.” So they’re not only inaccurate, but incomplete.

        We’ll probably have to wait for the song to be released on CD to find out for certain what the lyrics really are.

    • Xythar says:

      Our song translator is native German (and he got another German to look over the song as well), so he’s not just making random crap up, but I think it’s fairly likely that line needs fixing. Thing is, there’s not much point in changing it to something else that could also be incorrect, so we’re going to hold off until the official lyrics come out. Previous episodes will be updated for the batch.

  4. Slaine says:

    I say crier , I say, liar, I sing, rising hell
    I stand, gazing down at death

    don’t say…war…….
    Life is… war……
    I hate war….
    Ich will nur noch fragen was ist das? ( I only want to ask what is that? )

    Leben, was ist das? Sieht nach pflicht tun aus. ( What is life? Looks like to do the duty* )
    Leben, pflicht tun, um das Grausame zu unterbinden. ( Life, do the duty to pretend the cruel to expand )
    Leben, was ist das? Sieht nach pflicht tun aus ( What is life? Looks like to do the duty* )
    Leben, siehst du die Natur mit deinen Augen? ( Life can you see the nature with your eyes?)

    ( *the duty part-could be understood like

    Life, what’s the meaning of it?
    Life , is there to follow obligations)

    Note; I’m german and speak it fluent. This his is just a fan translation ( I’m not claiming this to be absolutely correct. but that’s what I can make out. )