Aug 31

Aldnoah Zero Episode 09

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah Zero - 09 [2BA3129A].mkv_snapshot_05.55_[2014.08.31_04.12.22]Her hair is always so yech.

Nyaa is dead so have a magnet link instead.

Also the video stutters at about 4 minutes in. This was present in the source we used so it can’t be helped™.


Japanese episode title: Reminiscence Device

Joint with Vivid. Their leader swings this way.

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13 Responses to Aldnoah Zero Episode 09

  1. two says:

    Thanks for the episode! 🙂 Do you by chance know if there already exist the official lyrics for the ending song “aliez” by mizuki? Cause I found this site but I don´t know if they are the real lyrics @_@ (But the translation doesn´t sound so bad.)

    • Xythar says:

      The official lyrics are not out yet.

      We will update the translation when the official lyrics are out.

      • limabean says:

        Looking at the lyrics now, and it’s like… wow, who could figure out what they’re supposed to be based on the vocals alone?

        I think I prefer the lyrics you guys guessed at…

    • Shineek says:

      Where those lyrics wrote just as a troll joke ? Seriously the english parts are easy to understand yet the lyrics on this site are soooooo fucked up . Probably written by someone who does not know english and japanese , not to mention german , i know hiroyuki makes the german parts sound like nonsense but those lyrics on this site when sung dont even sound close to whats in the song .

      • Shineek says:

        OOOKay it seems those are the ones from the booklet , okay translating this would make no sense as they already sound like total nonsense . Maybe Sawano does this on purpose as he does not want the listeners to focus on the lyrics but on the sound of the music , and treats vocals more like another instrument .

        • Marek says:

          Either this, or he’s the greatest musical troll ever to exist. Those lyrics… I feel bad for the poor girl who had to sing them.

        • Shineek says:

          I dont , i saw other japanese band with similar ideas , like Susquatch and their totally made up language . And some other who had even harder time singing something . The lyrics sound dumb and nonsensical , but there is a lot more of japanese in them then what we thought from the previous karaoke , so less weird german worlds , also if you want to feel bad for someon do it for the girl that had to sing in βίος , whole song is in german .

        • Marek says:

          If it’s proper German, it’s not that bad. But this mix of Japanese, German and English is just silly.

          I get the feeling Sawano just really hates karaoke. 😛

        • Shineek says:

          Dont care this song is awesome anyway .

        • Marek says:

          Oh, definitely have to agree with that.

  2. random says:

    hey hum..nya as been down for a while and i still cant get this release..

    • jhkplaya888 says:

      Its on like a billion irc bots and there is a magnet link….You have to try not to download it at this point lol