Sep 21

Aldnoah Zero Episode 12

Hj9BJUwAnother Xythar pic. He should just get a blog, IMO.

I guess this continues in January, if anyone still wants to watch this shit.


Japanese episode title: Though the Heavens Fall

Joint with Vivid.

Spoiler below the cut.

TL note: Bat can also mean traitor in Japanese. Deep.

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8 Responses to Aldnoah Zero Episode 12

  1. archdeco says:

    shark pls revive

  2. dannphou says:

    What are you guys doing this season?

    Psycho-Pass 2? Fate Stay Night (PLEASE!!!)? Parasyte?

  3. Longinus says:

    Tsuki ni Naku 3 when?

  4. Ryoko Lamperouge says:

    Sorry for the trouble! but will you translate the second season as well?