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Apr 18

Knights of Sidonia Episode 02

IF I HAVE TO STARE AT IT SO DO YOU Torrent Also I’m going on vacation next week so the following episodes will be delayed until roughly May 6: Mahou Shoujo Taisen 04 (possibly 05) Knights of Sidonia 03+04 Luckily … Continue reading

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Mar 09


I could use timers and typesetters to help me infect more anime with my shitsubs. If you or someone you know can do one or both of those jobs, go on #Watashi on Rizon and PM jhkplaya888 or shark0week0. Or … Continue reading

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Feb 16

This is a Release Post

Some tongue rape and wolf rape to you from us for a belated Valentine’s Day present. Nobunagun 5 Joint with CTSS. YZQ Tsuki ni Naku 2 Huge thanks to Layton for timing and v3nkoy & __ar for typesetting. Still no … Continue reading

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Dec 05

Winter 2013 plans: Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Planning to do a joint sub with Anime-Koi under Watashi-Koi: Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil TL: shark0week0 Timing: Layton Editing: osage Encoder: unit_zero_fun Typesetting: Layton QC: Klownzie Distro/etc: jhkplaya888 PV torrent (v2 because retardation) We’re using “wizard barrister” for 弁魔士 (benmashi) … Continue reading

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