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Mar 27

Hana & Alice

The movie of which the previous movie we subbed was a prequel. If you haven’t watched The Case of Hana & Alice, you might want to watch this one first. 720p 1080p

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Sep 13

The Case of Hana and Alice

There is literally no point in watching this if you aren’t one of the maybe 100 people who watched the live action. We might sub that too, depending on my bank account, or if some kind soul wants to buy and … Continue reading

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Jul 05

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Vol 02

This volume basically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kana is the most perfect character in existence. Especially the picture drama 🙂 Oh, and I made some changes to the OP this volume so I’ll fix that for … Continue reading

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Jun 15

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai BD Vol 1

The other day I decided to man up and watch the anime version despite my misgivings, and figured slapping subs on bluray encodes while I was at it would be easy-peasy because >A+ But I should have known it would … Continue reading

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Sep 06

Kill la Kill Episode 25

A year later, I guess this is really the end now. Blurays and batches may or may not come, depending on if unit_zero_fun comes back to us. On that note, thanks to _ar for encoding and typesetting that one sign, … Continue reading

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