Apr 01

Done Show

And that’s about it from me. Was a fun year (not).


Edit: I guess we did a real version too.

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15 Responses to Done Show

  1. Eduardo Ketsura says:

    Are you guys going to sub Sidonia no Kishi 2?

  2. slackzy says:

    Where’s the video track for that fool audio?

  3. Netsuki says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit I watched five minutes in before realizing. What’s doubly embarrassing is that I’ve watched what that audio is from and it still took me that long. I should probably stop drinking so much before watching anime.

  4. kuroro says:

    I hate this holiday with a passion

  5. Welp says:

    Yamada-kun and 7 Bitches, pls, shark.

  6. moe says:

    Okay, so I watched FUNi’s version and downloaded this right when ya’ put it out & saw the filesize, figured that terrible encoding was the joke… then I tried rewatching the series today. Why.

  7. Adam says:

    So, is there not gonna be a release for ep. 11?

    Cuz the titling of your posts got wonky after ep. 8. Your “Ep 10” post actually has the torrent for ep. 9, your “Ep Isthisshitoveryet” post has the torrent for ep. 10, and then you jump straight to ep. 12.