Apr 01


Everything is dropped. Group is dead. I’m super original.

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9 Responses to Hello

  1. julio says:

    Is this meta humor or meta-meta humor?

  2. Ben says:

    Sounded like an April 1st prank but judging by the lack of output looks like it’s all over.

    What a shame.

  3. Zagafon says:

    I am really sad to see this group die. I’ve watched most of the shows from your list from your group. Thanks for all of your hard work. I’m truly sorry that I could not help out in any way, as I am both disabled and poor. I wish everyone happiness in whatever each of you choose to do from here on. Good Luck!

  4. Nero says:


  5. noko says:

    I’m having a hard time telling if this was an April Fools’ joke or not…