Mar 09


I could use timers and typesetters to help me infect more anime with my shitsubs. If you or someone you know can do one or both of those jobs, go on #Watashi on Rizon and PM jhkplaya888 or shark0week0. Or comment here or whatever. Thankies~

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9 Responses to Hi

  1. Kay Leach says:

    I would like to volunteer for Kami no Tsuki, if you want people (is it ok to write here?). I can do both jobs =)

  2. kek says:

    Only done pretiming but if shit really hits the fan then mail me

  3. bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

    Sooo.. whats the status on Sidonia, lads and ladies? I’ve been waiting patiently for your good work. While being better than CR is not much of a compliment, you’re considerably better, i.e. sentences resembling those spoken by human beings.


    • bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

      I dont mind waiting another week, but if we’re talking dropped-status here or anything…

      • bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

        Wait, not CR. Whoevers responsible for Underwaters garbage.

    • shark0week0 says:

      Haven’t had much free time since getting back. Apparently I’m not allowed to drop shows, though, so you’ll see a release eventually.

      • bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

        No worries. I’ll just keep checking back so. Hope you enjoyed your break.

  4. en-ey says:

    is Mahou Shoujo Taisen dropped sir?

    so where is Mahou Shoujo Taisen episode 4 and the other sir?