Jan 12

Kami no Tsuki episode 1

kamitsuki01_premux.mkv_snapshot_06.45_[2014.01.11_23.35.42]We also have this new j-drama for the Winter season! You can find out more about it here. The Amazon reviews of the book it’s based on make it sound good, and this episode hit right in the heart. I feel like I might be getting old if these sorts of things are getting to me…

Anyway, this actually airs on Tuesdays but I had :stuff: this week. Should hopefully be on schedule for the following four episodes. Yes, it’s only five (5) in total. Enjoy!


Note: This is a softsub release.

Notes added beneath cut.

In Japan, banks typically make most of their money off of getting old, single people to invest their money with them. The idea is not that the depositer will make money, but that they will inject life into the economy by supporting the bank (the clients also get the bank employees to be their bitches). It’s really akin to playing the stock market but with zero chance of coming out on top. Of course, on the surface it doesn’t look like a scam at all, but stuff like this is the reason so many people went poor after WWII; banks easily fold in Japan.

In case you aren’t good at converting money, 85,000 yen is about $850 (blah blah exchange rates). So for example, the nikujaga was roughly $4.50 (very cheap in Japan) and the skin care products were nearly $700. Rika’s high school donation was also about $5000. Money comes up a lot in this series, like how the husband measures food’s worth by how much it costs. Just keep this rough conversion in mind when you watch.

kamitsuki01_premux.mkv_snapshot_14.58_[2014.01.14_03.23.30]These are free tissue packets companies hand out as advertisements. Basically, Yuko is really cheap. The quality’s not bad, but as you can see by this and the fact that she has her husband collect them:

kamitsuki01_premux.mkv_snapshot_15.10_[2014.01.14_03.23.16]Her cheapness is quite absurd. I mean, I kept the tissues I got when in Japan, but that’s because I’m a dork.

kamitsuki01_premux.mkv_snapshot_33.00_[2014.01.14_03.25.05]Banks also run life insurance companies, which is why the lady mentions a license for this could get Rika promoted as well. It’s essentially the same job she was doing before: bow and scrape until people hand over their money.

I think that was all.

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13 Responses to Kami no Tsuki episode 1

  1. Mitsuru-kun says:

    Oooo sounds interesting. Thanks, Shark!

  2. yuki says:

    I watched the first ep, it’s so good. Thank you so much for subbing this. And you are great at it. Looking forward to the rest of the drama. Keep up the good work^^ <3

  3. Lily Kimble says:


    Sorry, I am new here. Where do I find the softsub?
    This drama is very interesting, thanks for your hard work subbing it.

    Have a good day.

    • shark0week0 says:

      You click the blue words that say “Torrent” and go download the torrent.

      • Lily Kimble says:

        Oh, thanks!

        I downloaded it but in this torrent I only found the raw.
        The right thing is to have both video and sub in the file?

        Thanks in advance, sorry for the interruption.

        • shark0week0 says:

          If I’m reading this right and you downloaded our release, the subs are in the file. Just play it with a video player and you should be fine (provided it supports 10 bit).

  4. Bobo123 says:

    Wah, thank you! I was hoping someone would sub this, looks like an interesting drama πŸ™‚

  5. Sam says:

    Thank you for the sub.
    I loved the first episode.
    I look forward to the rest of the subbed episodes to come. πŸ™‚

  6. yuki says:

    hope you keep subbing this drama <3

  7. anoos says:

    thanks for subbing first episode of this drama
    are you going to continue subbing this drama anytime soon ?

  8. Bobo says:

    Have you dropped this?

  9. keiko1981 says:

    Thank you. Currently going through and editing FansubWiki, and updating status is needed. No changes has been made to Kami no Tsuki, still listed as in progress. http://fansub.d-addicts.com/Jdrama_Fansub_Map_2014#Winter_2014