Oct 07

Kill la Kill 01


Yes, I delayed Yamada for this. Don’t eat me alive. It’s translated now. Just needs the time to stop being busy.

So I’m a faggot and really, really like this show, and since apparently Aniplex is too cheap to shell out for a competent translator even on their huge titles, I figured I’d give it a go. Basically a one-man job by a dude who despises typesetting, but I did some of it properly. Delays were mostly waiting around to see if anyone wanted to help (you can guess the answer).

Grab it here

So yeah, we’re looking for all positions on this show: timer, typsetter, encoder. The show deserves some love, don’t you think? Leave a comment here or drop by #Watashi on Rizon if you’re interested (pm jhkplaya888 or shark0week0).

Subsequent episodes will probably see Friday (or whatever is 24hrs from airing for you) releases if I am left to my own devices.

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3 Responses to Kill la Kill 01

  1. jhkplaya888 says:

    Faggot typesetting is a fundamental part of subbing, someone please save this animu and come ts for us.

  2. Kimmarie says:

    Well, I really would rather have had Yamada 😛 But as long as you are having fun with the show. To be honest, this one sounds interesting but the animation itself is… offputting to me (based on seeing the pv) and sorry, I would offer to help in some way but I have no experience with any of the positions 🙁

  3. whu says:

    really? i have to wait for mariya because of this crap? …….