Dec 13

Kill la Kill episode 11

KLK 11 premux [E2A87482].mkv_snapshot_16.26_[2013.12.13_09.48.04]Had to derail the Satsuki pics for this glorious shot. Also, we were a very good team this week, despite our busy lives!


KLK 11 premux [E2A87482].mkv_snapshot_16.07_[2013.12.13_09.49.43]This is Nui Harime. I neglected to mention last week that her name is basically “sewing” + “needle”.

KLK 11 premux [E2A87482].mkv_snapshot_20.39_[2013.12.13_09.48.48]The font is too mooshed for my stupid brain to read, but this is the best I can transcribe it:

Nui Harime

Grand Couturier

Higher-Order Seamstress

Nui Harime: (bunch of fucking boxes)

Rebocs Co.

A brilliant Higher-Order Seamstress that works for Rebocs, she garners the world’s attention with her ultimate skill.

Her bright looks belie a darker interior, but her looks drove her to stardom status, establishing the position of Higher-Order Seamstress. Now she’s a fashion leader that has influence the world over. For all her skill, though, her personality is still quite child-like.

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3 Responses to Kill la Kill episode 11

  1. onanianon says:

    Didn’t want to wait for Underwater. 6/5 bretty gud. I love the phrasings you guys used. Great translation.