Dec 21

Kill la Kill episode 12

KLK 12 premux [691F2AE9].mkv_snapshot_24.03_[2013.12.21_00.38.43]

That’s the first half, folks! Two weeks till it picks back up again next season, and we’ll see you then with this and Wizard Barristers!

Torrent v2

Here is the patch to add in the subs. Apparently the premux and the final mux got switched around. Thanks a bunch to all of you for your patience! To use it, just unzip and put the old [Watashi] file in the folder then double click the file that says DOUBLE CLICK.

Nothing to make notes about because “action” episode.

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8 Responses to Kill la Kill episode 12

  1. anon says:

    For some reason the subs aren’t showing up for me, despite showing up in all the previous episodes.

  2. Steiner Tan says:

    Love your work on the show, but I can’t see any subs in the video, nor the ass file found in other episode…

  3. Bigdumb says:

    There are no subs for some reason.

  4. Yoshirouki says:

    Hi there.

    Can you pleased finish Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta on episodes 11-13. There was an fansub group called Cthuko that was disbanded and there was no fansubbers left to sub the series.