Oct 12

Kill la Kill episode 2



Changed a bunch of things because I can’t into foreshadowing at all apparently. Crunchyroll script actually improved this week but I guess I’m stuck now.

Still looking for staff! Mostly a typesetter ;_;

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5 Responses to Kill la Kill episode 2

  1. eeezb says:

    you guys are not listed on anib, I didn’t know you guys doing this sub until I found this site

  2. aestate says:

    I’ve switched over to your KLK subs and I have to say: the characterisation is great and I absolutely love how you guys typeset the episode titlecards — they look amazing!

    Thanks for sharing! o/

    • shark0week0 says:

      Just curious, what subs were you using? I’m pretty sure all the fansub groups do it the same way.