Nov 09

Kill la Kill episode 6

KLK 6 premux.mkv_snapshot_16.13_[2013.11.08_17.37.21]Torrent

So, uh, feedback would be nice. Something like, “Hey dumbass, you put episode five instead of episode six in the preview typeset.”

Like, so I know if people are actually watching this or just downloading to laugh at me.

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4 Responses to Kill la Kill episode 6

  1. Pacific says:

    Hey dumbass, learn to spell. 😛

    09:04 Don’t be. I only greave the loss of your favorite cup, not the tea.

    It’s spelled “grieve”; Aegisub flags it. “Greave” is a real (though obscure) noun, but even the verb “grieve” is wrong for the context. Something like “bemoan” would fit better.

    You did better than with your grievously botched episode 5, but you need a separate editor, or at some serious QC—unless your credits page is incomplete, in which case someone needs to be fired.