Nov 27

Kill la Kill episode 8

KLK 8 premux [B1AD12D8].mkv_snapshot_00.55_[2013.11.26_19.38.28]

So yeah, moderately late on this episode as well as awesome server troubles. Any bets on how long till it goes down again?


Super thanks to Layton for providing seeding services in the meantime.

Episode notes below the cut.

Not much really to talk about this week, but…
This show is so tongue-in-cheek it’s almost embarrassing to watch. This is Japan’s way of marking student drivers. It’s the equivalent of sticking a giant STUDENT DRIVER bumper sign across the hood of a Mustang or somesuch.

KLK 8 premux [B1AD12D8].mkv_snapshot_12.04_[2013.11.26_19.39.00]

His name basically reads (in radicals) car-car-car-car-car-car. And he’s, uh, a car. Har har.

I can’t really remember if there was anything else not explained in the subs, so if you’re confused feel free to ask.

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  1. Shin0Lili says:

    welcome back!
    thanks for the sub, i like your work.

    Gruß Lili