May 24

Knights of Sidonia Episode 03

>mfw people still download from us

>mfw people still download from us


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13 Responses to Knights of Sidonia Episode 03

  1. s says:

    taisen where

  2. DoYourJob says:

    lulz, you guys are sounding kinda like gg now

  3. Akeno says:

    Wait, you guys seriously dropping this?

    • cm says:

      The torrent link has info about the translation of future episodes, and if they were dropping it I don’t know why they’d release this one. Hoping it’s a joke.

  4. Max says:

    please… tell me that you’re making fun of me! T_T

  5. bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

    Thanks, I can wake up from my coma now.

  6. Vegeak says:

    Will you guys still continue with Mahou Shoujo Taisen? Tell me, please.

    • bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

      Unless they say they’ve dropped it you can assume they will.

  7. Anon says:

    Who are you quoting?

  8. lel says: