Jun 01

Knights of Sidonia Episode 04

mfw this isn't dropped

mfw this isn’t dropped

It confuses me to no end that people watch this show, let alone with our subs.


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8 Responses to Knights of Sidonia Episode 04

  1. Max says:

    Thanks for this release, Shark0week0! >_<

  2. RIAI says:

    Your subs match the terms used in the manga translations, and that’s all that matters.
    (wtf Commie, Gardes?)

  3. DoYourJob says:

    lol There there koda, it’ll always be confusing why any one likes any anime ever 😉

  4. Dante says:

    Your subs are way better, that’s why we keep wainting, and the anime has something, that makes you watch it even if it’s CG. Anyway, thanks for the hard work guys

  5. bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

    Gonna need that episode 5 pretty pronto, I’m afraid, lads. Chop chop. Come on, don’t keep me waiting.

  6. flossifer says:

    If you go no further, thanks for 1 – 4. Your alternative translation of the OP itself was interesting and appreciated. Your narrative for ep4 was great as storytelling and missed some clunkers in another version.

    Did someone invoke koda here? Well then: An anorexic male; Traditional Japanese girls getting slaughtered left and right; A third gender that’s flat like a girl but gets jealous like a boy? (did I get the order right? -yes.) What’s not to like?

    (But I really do like this show)

    • shark0week0 says:

      The dude we’re waiting for is sitting on IRC but not responding to any form of stimulation, and he’s pretty much irreplaceable. Sorry.