Apr 22

Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 03

Taisen 03 MX premux.mkv_snapshot_01.13_[2014.04.22_04.31.13]And here we have the end of the first “arc”. I’ll miss Naruko, but Matsuri looks cute too.


sendai-meibutsu-zunda-mochi-2This is what the Mischief this episode is, and turns into when defeated: zunda mochi. It’s mochi covered in mashed, sweetened edamame. If you’ve ever had azuki mochi, it’s pretty much the same. You can find out how to make it for yourself here.

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18 Responses to Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 03

  1. Vegeak says:

    Are you guys using CR subs, or Original TL? Thanks.

  2. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for the ep!

  3. zero says:

    can you sub M3? 🙂

  4. Mezzo says:

    I am assuming the source is different this week? The video quality is quite horrible compared to the previous two episodes. There’s artifacts everywhere:

    • Mezzo says:

      See: http://imgur.com/a/1e95y for a comparison.

      I am assuming you’re using Moe-Raws. Hoping you’ll consider switching sources again for next week.

      • shark0week0 says:

        TV broadcast airs earlier than CR, our source for the first two episodes. Assuming there are no hiccups in the subbing process, there’s no sense in waiting if things are ready to release.

        Feel free to remux or what have you.

        • Mezzo says:

          Even with such a drastic decrease in video quality? CR came out roughly 8 hours later than the MX broadcast, so it’s not like it’s that much of a difference in release times.

        • jhkplaya888 says:

          People complained when we took almost 24 hours to release an episode.

        • Sparky Kestrel says:

          Fuck the late release complainers. A later release is far better if video quality will be better.

        • shark0week0 says:

          We will do what we want; it just so happens that a fast release is more fun for us. There will be a batch with all CR video encodes at the end, though, so feel free to wait for that. Or remux. Or not watch from us.

        • dmonhiro says:

          Aha, so you’re speed-subebrs. Good to know. I’m out of here.

  5. Res says:

    nice… i have a cuestion, whats happen with Dragonar?

  6. just askig' says:

    Ya guys dropped Mahou Shoujo Taisen?

  7. Xephron says:

    Since you guys are doing a batch and all, I’ll be posting whatever errors I notice in the script.
    In this episode, a word is missing at 2:15.