Jun 12

Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 10

Taisen 10 premux [AE3FAA1F].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2014.06.11_15.33.27]This is the end of the Tokyo arc. No food tidbits today, but in case you didn’t realize, Rin’s staff thing is the Tokyo Skytree and that abomination Rei carries is the Tokyo Tower. They are both too tall for my liking.


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3 Responses to Mahou Shoujo Taisen Episode 10

  1. macxxx007 says:


    Oh, I see… different… Thanks for the episode!

  2. bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

    You have until less than four minute from now to translate, sub, edit and release episode 5 of The Greatest Show Ever Showed.

    • bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:

      It’s been half an hour and I am failing to locate your release.

      Please fax me the explanation.

      Yours bannaly,