Oct 22

Parasyte – the maxim Episode 03

Madhouse please

Madhouse please

I’m going to take no one yelling at me as a sign the encodes are passable. jhkplaya888 has no life.

Thanks to Hybrid for timing and the one sign.


I think the episode titles are the names of books, actually.

Episode 1: The Metamorphosis
Episode 2: The Devil in the Flesh
Episode 3: Symposium
Episode 4: Tangled Hair

If this pattern continues, I’ll be sure to change them. Fuck it, here: http://a.pomf.se/nvcqoj.zip

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6 Responses to Parasyte – the maxim Episode 03

  1. why????? says:

    why isnt the op song sub?????? it seems no one wants to do it

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Have you heard the song? It’s literally impossible to understand without lyrics sheet so yeah.

    • Mostly English says:

      Well, it sounds like the OP is mostly English, so there isn’t too much extra they could provide over what you can gain yourself.

      The only Japanese I can hear in that song is near the end.
      aa hitori naiteite
      tonari no kimi ga toikakeru
      dakara bokura yorisoi ikiru
      kirameku made

      Ah, I was crying all alone,
      but then you called out to me
      We get to know each other,
      brightening up my world