May 15

Patema Inverted

[Watashi]_Patema_Inverted_[BD_1080p_FLAC][99994E11].mkv_snapshot_00.09.59_[2014.05.14_21.47.43]Apparently we’re starting to like Yoshiura quite a bit at this group. Anyway, lots of things happened since I got back but hopefully this will keep people from screaming at us. If there are even people to scream at us. It’s a good movie, I swear! I had a lot of fun playing with the themes, even though I’m just terrible at sci-fi writing.

Regarding terms: We went with whatever appeared onscreen, except for “sakasama beings” because HAHAHA.

The lovely people who helped bring this about:

unit_zero_fun: encoding, unfucking my fuck-ups
Layton: dem credits (love you, man)

1080p torrent
720p torrent

Edit: I forgot to mention that there was an audio commentary track we didn’t include which features the voices of Patema and Age, as well as Yoshiura replica rolex himself. It’s very much a backburner project, though, so hope that the licensors are so kind as to do it instead.

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9 Responses to Patema Inverted

  1. Taichi Sub says:

    What an badass Team, Thanks!

    • Patema Strikes Again says:

      The Anime Limited release (UK and surrounding regions only) will include the translated audio commentary with most (if not all) of the Japanese bonus features all translated into English.

  2. Kell says:

    Anyone know if you need to watch the web series first?

  3. bannaisayummywhenplacedonthetonguethatoccupiesmyownmouth says:


  4. Vegeak says:

    When will you guys continue with Mahou Shoujo Taisen?