Jan 09

Yurikuma Arashi Episode 01


This is probably a mistake.


Patch for my stupidity.

Anyway, the basic story is we are going to be waiting for this to air on BS11 since Tokyo MX has taken to looking very badly lately, and something-something encoder talk about the Crunchyroll stream. The ED karaoke will be upated next week since lyger had to go outside and be in Japan. Expect us around this time every week if the signage stays at this level.

Big thanks to: convex (TLC); Hybrid21 (timing); conkerer + Chhotu_uttam (typesetting); torch (encoding); lyger (kfx, some TLC); Yogicat (k-timing); Fii~ + Nevreen for the French in the OP; Ephemere for his mad French punning skills; and Futsuu for putting up with significant pestering.

TL notes below the cut.


The Japanese translation of the novel Wuthering Heights is Arashigaoka. It is very popular in Japan and has recieved many translations and inspired many movies, TV shows, and print publications.


The names in this show are pretty symbolic (and gay). But since we can’t really translate them, here’s a rough run-down of what the kanji mean. First, Kureha Tsubaki—her name is a combination of “camellia flower” and “red feathers/wings”.


Sumika Izumino—literally something like “pure flower at the spring’s edge”


Ginko Yurishiro—I guess this is where I explain that “yuri” means lily/lesbians, in case you didn’t already know.


Lulu Yurigasaku—her last name is pretty literally “Blooming lilies”


Yurika Hakonaka—something like “Boxed Lily”


Mitsuko Yurizono—heh. “Honey girl” and “Lily garden”. You extrapolate.

That song Lulu is singing around 12:30 is a child’s game, read about it here.

And then finally, in case you didn’t know what camellia flowers look like:




(It’s the sticker thing on the gun)

That’s it for this week. I probably missed something, so feel free to ask/point out things.

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13 Responses to Yurikuma Arashi Episode 01

  1. Mocha says:

    This translation was more or less brilliant, though it’s hard to call it faithful in every respect. Still, the idiosyncrasy here help bring out hidden meanings in the show as well. Really appreciate all the effort taken to translate the references and even put a pun on “Homo” and “Ursa”.

    Was this intentional, though?

  2. name says:

    Why did you not put a space between Yuri and Kuma?

  3. MiyamoriAoi says:

    Excuse me, I watch yurikuma release, and I was amazed with the typeset made. if I may know how to make typeset in eps 1 was how. if the Watashi allow. thank you

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with CR, editor-kun?