Sep 13

The Case of Hana and Alice

There is literally no point in¬†watching this if you aren’t one of the maybe 100 people who watched the live action. We might sub that too, depending on my bank account, or if some kind soul wants to buy and rip the BD for us. ¬†That’s about it.

Alice a cutie. Hana a crazy. Good stuff.


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Jul 05

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Vol 02


This volume basically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kana is the most perfect character in existence. Especially the picture drama :)

Oh, and I made some changes to the OP this volume so I’ll fix that for the (possible)batch or just patch it, depending on how lazy I am.


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Jun 15

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai BD Vol 1

Kanasuke is life

The other day I decided to man up and watch the anime version despite my misgivings, and figured slapping subs on bluray encodes while I was at it would be easy-peasy because >A+

But I should have known it would be lots of work when I saw >scribbles

So yeah, this release uses the scribbles TV scripts but is quite heavily edited. I also probably missed a bunch of scene bleeds but whatever. The picture drama that was included is also subbed.


Note: KLK BDs will get done after this is done/if I get a big chunk of free time in between volumes being encoded.

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Apr 25

Yurikuma Arashi Batch

Torch did this instead of Symphogear.

For the pirate-inclined: Patches

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Apr 01

Done Show

And that’s about it from me. Was a fun year (not).


Edit: I guess we did a real version too.

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Mar 29

Aldnoah Zero Episode 24

I would like to take this space to say fuck you to unit_zero_fun for starting this whole thing and then bailing. There is a special place in hell for you, my friend.


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Mar 25

Aldnoah Zero Episode 23

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah Zero - 23 [F9A27C35].mkv_snapshot_19.22_[2015.03.24_22.27.08]
Dis is how i felt watching this episode for various reasons….


Joint with Vivid.

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